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Whether you are new to our parish or have been here for a long time, we would like to hear from you.As well as providing contact details, this form will enable you to provide information about sacraments received and to express interest in various parish ministries. Please complete the online form via the link below or download and complete the PDF version of the form below so we have up to date information about you and your family.


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Money Matters

The traditional form of income for parishes is by way of two collections that normally take place at weekend Masses. In the past there would have been 2 collection plates or bags passed around at weekend Masses. Some of our covid-safe measures are to now have the collection bags set up at the main entrance to the church and to have available a cashless donation point.

How the first and second collection bags work

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First collection. All of the first collection  goes to the Clergy Fund account and is for the support of clergy in the diocese.

Second collection. All of the second collection goes to the Church account to fund parish office, presbytery and church costs.

Examples of parish office costs include printing and stationery, computer software expenses, subscriptions, telephone, staff wages, insurances, cleaning and waste, power, security, repairs, etc.

Examples of presbytery costs include rates, cleaning and waste, insurance, vehicle expenses, power, repairs and maintenance, etc

Examples of church costs include resources for our sacramental programmes (Baptism, Confirmation, Reconciliation, Eucharist, RCIA), training and retreats for Altar Server and other liturgical ministries, Mass supplies (altar breads, altar wine, incense, candles, etc), cleaning and waste, repairs and maintenance, rates, power, coffee machine consumables, other canteen consumables – tea, sugar, milk, etc

How the cashless donation system works

This is an option for those who wish to donate by way of contactless card payment and is convenient for the increasing number of people who carry little cash as well as for the many visitors to our church who ask if we have a card option for donations.

The cashless donation system is set for donations of $10, half of which is allocated to the first collection (clergy) and the other half to the second collection (parish office/church/presbytery costs.)

If possible, please consider making a regular direct deposit instead of using cash

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The benefits of setting up a regular direct deposit include convenience and hygiene, especially during these worrying times (not having to find and handle cash each week and continuity of giving if you are away for any reason, including  if you are unable to come to Mass because you are unwell or vulnerable at this time.)

It’s easy – just call Cheryl at the parish office on 6658 3544 and she will talk you through what is involved and give you a reference number for your deposit.

It’s secureyou set the payment up from your bank account; the parish office does not access your bank account at all.  You may change or terminate your direct deposit at any time.

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