Masses have resumed (80 max , QR code sign in, masks indoors & no singing)

Saturday Vigil- 6pm; Sunday morning- 7:30am & 9am   

Weekday Masses – Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9:30am; Thursday 5pm


Bulletin for Sunday, 9th May 2021

Sixth Sunday of Easter

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Due to Fr Michael being away –

There will be a Communion Service instead of Mass on Thursday 6th May and there will be no Reconciliation on Saturday 8th.



QR Code – Check in at Mass

Download the Service NSW app on your phone.  Sign-up/register (add in your drivers licence, working with children etc – if you want too!).  If you need help come along to the Parish Office, Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm.  We are very happy to offer our assistance.

Scan the QR Code at the bottom of the ramp/steps BEFORE you make your way to the entrance.  Once you have checked-in, show your GREEN TICK to the counter at the door on the way in.


Please Pray For….

Recently Deceased

Tania Jonas, Ellen Duggan, Barry Upsall, John Montgomery, John McNamara, Alex Wilson, Aileen Gardiner, Helen Greenwell.


The sick

June Smallwood, Michelle Cook, Josh Dixon-White, Brigid Phyland, Carrie Mifsud, Gerard Cummins, Julie Rynkowski, Pat Moroney, Liz Knoblock, Don Spence, Veronica Heffernan, Charlie Micallef, Leanne Cox, John Moore, Stella Tegg, Yvonne Wiley, Emma Woods, Pat Ellington, Barry Redman, Elaine & John Moore, Kevin Goldman, Isobel Hermann, Steven Brindle, Tom Pulchinski, Mary Burdekin, Margaret Cini, Rosa Maria Santos, Mary Davis, Roy Spence, Jenny Campbell, Paige Humphreys, John Laarhoven, Mary Rupapara,  Paul Duncan, Martin Gorman, Madonna Dechphant, Michael Kelly, Christine Bell, Kai Clarke, Wendy Hartcher.


Anniversaries in May

Fr Edward Crowley, Robyn Whipps, Merven Rauchle, Stephanie Boness, Vincent Heuvels, Tarcisio Borsato, Michael Bayliss, Elizabeth Josephine Bramley, Lorna Therese Brook, Margaret Harrington, Fr Thomas O’Reagan Snr, John James Hackett, Margaret Agnes Flynn, Maureen Byrne, Bishop John Carroll, Fr Dennis Mullens, Harold Keane, Edith (Edie) Lowe, George Maguire, Michael Marshall, Margaret Crowley, Patricia Goodwin, Fr William Power, Fr Charles Smith, Wendy Peachey, Winkie Crellin, Tina Moran, Raymond (Joe) McDonald, Juliana Whiteside, Roy Cracknell, Melba Johnson, Rachael O’Neill, Eileen Harvey, Fr Thomas O’Byrne, Hazel Cassidy, Robert James Hammond, John Gaster, Carmela Aloisi, Ray Battye, Paddy Hargraves, Sheila Agnes Gorman, Valentine Smith, Jim Cole, George May, Kathleen Platt, Fr Richard Williams, Rachael McCombe, Janet Grant, William (Bill) Cunningham, Harry Plant, Fr Robert Kennedy, Justine Brittleah Jones, Joan Marie White, Ida White, Fr John Walsh, Arthur Cracknell, Grace Powell, Fr Charles O’Gallagher, George Alexander Barklem, Coral Ziebarth, Bishop Patrick Farrelly, Mary Kathleen Border, Giovanni Borsato, John Moran, Victor Jones, Eileen Dwyer, Noel Welling, Albert William Dohmitt, Nell Fraser, Fr Arthur Daley, Gloria Sullivan, Neonie Moore, Mary Margaret Stalgis, Carl Hughes, Irene Margaret Green, Nancy Bowers, James Castle, Joseph (Joe) Lia, Graham Smallwood, Mark Pennant.





The Catholic Diocese of Lismore Safeguarding Office

If you or a person close to you has been abused by someone working or ministering within the Diocese of Lismore, we invite you to contact us. We will listen to you respectfully, offer support and discuss options you have available to you. To contact the Safeguarding Office, please phone (02) 6621 9444 or email

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