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Bulletin for Sunday, 18th October 2020

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

Mission Sunday

This weekend Fr Michael will be using: Sunday Preface I & Eucharist Prayer II


During Fr Colin’s absence in the coming month, Fr Michael will be saying the Masses at OLWC.

As there is a conflict with the parish Mass on Wednesday mornings, there will be a Communion Service in the church on Wednesday 21st & 28th October and the 4th November.

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Mass Roster updated -16th October 2020

Help needed for next weekend’s Masses.


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Please Pray For….

Recently Deceased: John Doyle, Jed Moody, Sandra Los, Edward O’Sullivan, Shirley McMullen, Barry McMullen, Russell Holmes, Georg Ricsh, Michael Taylor, Anne Herron, Dudley Ryan, Lorna Redolfi, Jane Waugh.

The sick:  Brigid Phyland, Carrie Mifsud, Gerard Cummins, Julie Rynkowski, Pat Moroney, Liz Knoblock, Kelly McClellan, Don Spence, Veronica Heffernan, Bob Gorman, Charlie Micallef, Leanne Cox, John Moore, Stella Tegg, Yvonne Wiley, Emma Woods, Pat Ellington, Geoffrey Langford, Barry Redman, Elaine Moore, Kevin Goldman, Ian Wiley, Isobel Hermann, Steven Brindle, Tom Pulchinski, Mary Burdekin, Margaret Cini, Rosa Maria Santos, Mary Davis, Roy Spence, Jenny Campbell, Paige Humphreys, John Laarhoven, Mary Rupapara, Paul Duncan, Margaret Pearce, Martin Gorman, Madonna Dechphant, Michael Kelly, Christine Bell, Kai Clarke, Wendy Hartcher.

Anniversaries in october:  Mary & Liam Cummins, Sr Mary Benedicta, John Punch, Irene McMahon, Jean Elsie Van Haren, Philip Charles Begley, Fr James Duffy, Harry Henderson, Gwendolen Teresa Quin, Charles Smith, Lillian Bartley, Terry Maxwell Miller, Jan Hill, Tony Randall, Graham Hick, Sue McDonough, Joan Gill, Gilda Maione, Leicester Ramsey, Fr. Patrick Hefferty, John O’Brien, Elsie Wernli, Rev Mons Michael J. McNamee, Clarence (Bok) Rowe, Ken Goodwin, Noel Nell, Fr William Byrne, Fr Charles Griffin, Joyce Wilson, Betty Norris, Fr Patrick Kiely, Kevin Jones, Aileen Murtagh, Valija Takans, Jack Casey, Elizabeth Morris, Leslie Walter Wills, Merle Iris Edge, Jean Sinclair, Leslie Robinson, Kathleen Punch, Peter William Probst, Paul Kevin Sercombe, Rita O’Reilly, Jim Cole, Gayleen Theresa Convy, Edward Francis Burke, Paul Kevin Sercombe, Laurence Henry Sloane, Fr John Dalton, Fr John Curran, Patrick Joseph Smith, George Hanson, Archbishop Norman Gilroy, John Alexander Archibald, Elizabeth Gailey, Russell Bennett, Margaret Nell, Betty Margaret Hayes, Fr John Fitzpatrick, Linda Ladd, Marie Joyce Gregan, Stan Ryan, Wendie Hickey, Gerard Lawson, Gloria Dixon, Harold John Trezise, Fr George Barry, Fr Synan McDonnell, Laszlo Nincsics, Doris Azzopardi, James Aitkins, Clare Ryan, Fr Alexander Fillodeau, Catherine Mary (Cassie) Bryant, Matthew Ryan, Eileen Brennan, Kevin Michael Leary, Fr John Fagan, Fr Cyril Commins, Sylvia Grace Butcher, John Cleaver.



The Catholic Diocese of Lismore Safeguarding Office

If you or a person close to you has been abused by someone working or ministering within the Diocese of Lismore, we invite you to contact us. We will listen to you respectfully, offer support and discuss options you have available to you. To contact the Safeguarding Office, please phone (02) 6621 9444 or email

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