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Weekly Bulletin: 27 August 2017

World Refugees & Migration Day 2017

The Holy See sets aside this Sunday as a special commemoration for Refugees and Migrants. You can view Pope Francis’ message for the 103rd World Day of Migrants and Refugees “Child Migrants, the Vulnerable and the Voiceless” at



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Fr Jim Reilly’s No 3 and final book of homilies…  Going to print soon…

This book will be a little thicker, including a number of photos spanning Fr Jim’s life.

Cost:   $ 25.00 plus postage if required.

Title: GO THE SAINTS, (A Collection of Homilies for Year B). 

Sue and Harry Melville, the Authors, have relocated to Newcastle region for family reasons, and would like to hear from anyone wishing to purchase a copy ASAP so they have numbers for printing.  Anyone wishing to purchase a copy, please contact Sue or Harry.

Phone:  0413 996  421.  Email:  melvillesue52@gmail.com  Address:  Sue and Harry Melville, 35 Crown Street,  STOCKTON  NSW  2295



Operation Christmas Child

Shoe Boxes now available at the back of the Church for collection.

Return by Sunday, 1st October 2017.



Mission Trip to Cambodia

Fr Colin Reinhard is inviting a small group to Cambodia in May/June 2018.  You will be visiting projects by the Jesuit Missions.  Anyone interested, please call the Parish Office 6658 3544.



Reminder all Sacristans

The second & final training session

Thursday afternoon, 4pm in the Church.

31st August 2017.

Thank you to those of you who attended the first session.


Parish Magazine – Out Now! 

PICK UP A COPY TODAY.  Big thanks to Lynn & all the contributors!




Centering Prayer – 2nd Saturday of every month, 2:30pm at the Convent

Care Group Meeting – 3rd Wednesday of every month, 10:15am at the Parish Office


Father’s Day Collection,

for sick and retired Priests

NEXT WEEKEND, Envelopes will be available


Please pray for –

Recently deceased:  John Benham, Jim O’Farrell, Joan Towns, Len Trump, Peter Ambaum.

The sick:  Deb Hewitt, Don Blanford, Mary Davis, Jim Kama, Manny Kama, Roy Spence, Jenny Campbell, Paige Humphreys, John Laarhoven, Mary Rupapara, Barbara Channon, Bill Churchill, Paul Duncan, Laurena Henschke, Margaret Pearce, Martin Gorman, Madonna Dechphant, Michael Kelly, Christine Bell, Kai Clarke.

Anniversaries:  Joan Pertel, Fr Thomas O’Regan Jr, Thomas Healy, Francis Connelly, John Snell, John Tynan, Kevin McDonnell, Pat Cullen, Fr Vincent Doyle, Fr John Buckley, Leonard Foscholo, Rita Fitz-Walter, Fr Thomas Morris, Robert Dijkhuis, Paul Winter, Grace Lee, Joy Kelly, Eileen Hodder, Richard Roach, Kathleen Hore, Thelma Hurley, Joan Hilton, Olga Kelly, Max Latham, Stephanie Jackson.




Vigil 6.00pm




B Barry

S Spence

Y Burton


B Barry

S Spence

Y Burton


L Thornborough

K Quin

G Nyhan


W Storok

K McWilliam

B Flannery


H Amos

B Kelly

T Plunkett


R Ramsey

S Spence

B Schmahl

J de Dassel

B Kelly

C Tumminello

T Maginnity

M Hewitt

E Leary

J Sandurski

G Feltis

S Munnelly

P Bann

L O’Sullivan

C Sercombe

C Warnes

Altar Servers

Group 2

Group 6

Group 11

S Melinz

B Wilson

Sprowles Family

O’Brien Family


R Barnett

L Michalik

S Demery


Palmer Family


C Bayliss

Children’s Liturgy

Kate W

Kate W

P/Point Operator

P Conroy

L Hollyman

P Daly








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