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Weekly Bulletin: 24 September 2017

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Australian Catholic Social Justice Council


Jesus calls us to build a just society.  This includes working together to eradicate poverty and ensure all benefit from a society’s common wealth.  Get the facts about economic exclusion.  While many live in comparative comfort, three million Australians (including over 730,000 children) live in poverty.


Social Justice Sunday & the St Vincent de Paul Society

On this Social Justice Sunday we would like to highlight the work of one of the groups of our parish who enable social justice all year round in our community through their practical assistance to people in need. Next Wednesday we celebrate the Feast Day of St Vincent de Paul on 27th September. The founding members were inspired by the example of Vincent in reaching out to the poor and addressing the injustices of the time. This tradition continues today as St Vincent de Paul Society members throughout the world and right here in our parish, work to create a more just society by their practical action every week of the year. Members offer the hand of friendship and a listening presence to those who seek our assistance.  If you would like to know how to become involved in the St Vincent de Paul Society in our parish, please contact Father or the Parish office.

Adoption Forum

Hosted by Lily Rose Pregnancy Support at Palate and Ply/Artisti Cafe

37 Vernon Street, Coffs Harbour 6:30pm Thursday 28th September 2017

FREE COFFEE, cake and mystery prizes


PLEASE NOTE:  We have 70 children doing their Sacrament of Reconciliation on Saturdays 30th September & 7th October.


Catholic Life Magazine

featuring an article from Sawtell Parish Social Justice Awareness Group as well as the blessing of the MHOC School prayer labyrinth.


Please pray for

 Recently deceased:   Ron Roach, Richard Henschke, Phil Layland, Jay Bryant, Jim Hovenden, Patricia Thomas, Eileen Cummins, Muriel Watters, Barry Ratcliffe.

The sick:  Tim Stone, Rosa Maria Santos, Deb Hewitt, Don Blanford, Mary Davis, Jim Kama, Manny Kama, Roy Spence, Jenny Campbell, Paige Humphreys, John Laarhoven, Mary Rupapara, Barbara Channon, Bill Churchill, Paul Duncan, Laurena Henschke, Margaret Pearce, Martin Gorman, Madonna Dechphant, Michael Kelly, Christine Bell, Kai Clarke.

Anniversaries:  Meg Riley, Alvin Lai, Jack Kealy, Muriel Curnow, Susannah Host, Amy Harrison, Margaret Littler, Pat Druhan, Bill Brownlee, Mary Williams, Inga Ilk, Fr Bernard Gunn, Frederick McKinnon, Margie Hill, Fr Daniel Doyle, Elaine Doyle.



Vigil 6.00pm




B Barry

L Hollyman

Y Burton


B Barry

D Spence

Y Burton


H Amos

B Moroney

C Pye


R Barnett

G Feltis

K Connolly


M McNamara

B Kelly

P Daly


T Mitchell

M Henschke

E Leary

C Sercombe

S Spence

B Schmahl

R Derrett

T Plunkett

T Maginnity

J Baiada

P Bann

J de Dassel

Altar Servers

Group 1

Group 6

Group 11

Andrews Family

B Wilson

Sprowles Family

Bohm Family

Conroy Family


K O’Malley

L Michalik

C Bayliss


Roff Family

K McWilliam

Burton Family

Children’s Liturgy



P/Point Operator

R Ramsey

K McDermid

G Rauchle


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